Air Conditioning Installation & Repair Service

Polar can design, install & maintain most efficient system for any type of building or business purpose. Our aim is to build the system which is actually meeting customer requirements. We have professional experts who has been serving domestic, industrial and commercial spectrums over the years.

Make POLAR your first point of contract for Air conditioning repairs in Glasgow and guidance on the best system manufacturing which will fit your requirements.

Why choose Polar Air Conditioning?


Polar specialize in air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance for all type of air conditioning system from split systems in residential properties to heavy commercial & industrial VRF systems serving multiple floors in commercial buildings. We are offering maintenance on those systems who are actually dealing with exact climate requirements and specifications.

Our maintenance approaches are especially designed only for maximum efficiency of your air conditioning system. We are offering high quality expertise for domestic air conditioning installation in Glasgow and also we are ensuring minimum inconvenience for your residential or business premises.

Polar are one of the leading suppliers of efficient air conditioning systems and also approved by installers and commissioning agents who are making the provision of genuine replacement parts easier and cost effective. 

Polar Air conditioning is a local business based in Glasgow. We are offering comprehensive list of services in which domestic air conditioning repair in Glasgow or surrounding is included. We can design bespoke air conditioning system that will suit your needs. Our prices are affordable so whether you need these services at home or your workplace we are here to help you. We are dealing your individual requirements whether you need a system for cooling in summers or to heat up your workplace in winter. We deliver the same what you want.


We supply both domestic and commercial air conditioning in Glasgow and we also provide maintenance and repairs to any existing or newly fitted air conditioning units. You can have single room air conditioning or multiple room AC is available from Polar and you can find out more about what services we have to offer by calling 01236 793 145 or 07584130131. There is also a contact form on our website

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