Single Room Air Conditioning


Have the perfect indoor climate every day of the year.

An air-conditioning installation that heats, cools, and ventilates...

Whisper quiet, state of the art technology.

Home air conditioning can therefore reduce your heating energy bills and now via the 'Green Deal'the Government has cash back incentives and ways of off - setting heating air conditioning installation costs.

Single unit air conditioning systems for wall, floor or ceiling mounting.
For a permanent cooling or heating solution we have a wide range of wall, floor or ceiling mounted split air conditioning systems. A split air conditioner system comprises two elements - an internal and an external unit. The internal unit is fitted to a metal plate on a wall, in the ceiling or floor mounted in the room to be cooled or heated, whilst the external unit is situated outside the building.

The outdoor unit is connected to the indoor fan coil using copper pipe. The external unit, or condenser, removes the heat from the room and dissipates it outside, along with any condensation that's built-up in the system, whilst the internal unit provides cooling or heating.

A split air conditioner requires professional installation but offers flexible, attractive, quieter and much more powerful operation than a portable system.

An air conditioning cooling system can reverse it's cycle for heating air conditioning that provides what's called a greater C.O.P than conventional heating meaning you get 3 - 4 times more energy output than it costs you to run.

Our range of split air conditioners includes models with outputs from 7,000btu to 54,000btu. Features common to all these types of air conditioners include:

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